Quality Meat Program is the first and only BEEF QUALITY ASSURANCE SCHEME in Poland approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The QMP sign guarantees consistently high quality beef that is always tender and juicy.







What is characteristic of the QMP system?

  • It is in accord with the slow-food trend (local, unprocessed and fresh food).
  • The process of production is transparent and monitored so it guarantees that the meat is both safe and healthy.
  • An excellent taste, tenderness and juiciness.
  • 100% traceability.


QMP beef is perfect for gastronomy and retail shops.


Our products are available:

  • Fresh or frozen
  • Vacuum packed or skin-packed


We start building QMP premium quality on the pasture

  • Free range
  • Green, rich pastures and clean environment
  • Finishing with natural, hormone free fodder

We cooperate only with selected professionals. For our partners as well as for us top priorities are cattle well-being and highest breeding standards that result in outstanding quality of the end product.


High production standards

The QMP beef production takes place in modern, specialized plants which implemented food safety procedures and systems such as: Good Hygiene Practice, Good Manufacturing Practice and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. The QMP production meets also the ISO 22000 world quality norms.


Quality control

For the most delicate and tender beef QMP System requires young age of slaughter. Maximum age of slaughter for bulls is 16 months, and for heifers up to 24 months.

Quality control in QMP System includes the examination of: meat color, marbling level, ossification level and pH. The elements which are qualified to the QMP System, are being subject to aging process (minimum of 9 days after slaughter).


Since 2012 our company has been a certified producer of QMP beef. We constantly monitor each stage of production to be sure that all standards of the system have been maintained. We liaise closely with all participants of the production process. This starts with farmers who have joined the system, through to certified butcheries and cutting plants before ending with the distribution network. Therefore the QMP sign guarantees a unique taste and the highest quality of products available. Try beef certified by QMP.